Love and Kisses Shabby Chic Valentine

Love and Kisses Shabby Chic Valentine for Crafty Secrets by Paper Melody'

Love and Kisses Shabby Chic Valentine

Happy Monday!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  Valentine’s Day is this Saturday… can you believe it?  I have one last valentine to share with you before the big day comes.  This one was made with Love Mail Creative Scraps from Crafty Secrets.  Take a look:

Love and Kisses Shabby Chic Valentine for Crafty Secrets by Paper Melody's

This was a super easy card to make because the images are so beautiful.  Just cut them out and they’re ready to use!  I distressed the edges of each layer, added some rhinestones, flowers, and a bow and the outside was done.  Here’s the inside:

Love and Kisses Shabby Chic Valentine for Crafty Secrets by Paper Melody'

Again, so easy.  I cut out the image, distressed the edges, then layered it onto coordinating papers and stamped the corner.  Done!

That’s it for me!  Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day!

Love is for More than Just Valentine’s Day

I Love You card by Paper Melody's

Love is for More than Just Valentine’s Day

Hello again!  I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet so we can all get back to work and make it over the hump.  I made another romantic card that doesn’t have to be a valentine, but could very well fill that purpose.  Take a look:

I Love You card by Paper Melody's

And the inside:

I Love You card by Paper Melody's

I kept it simple with a little room for a sappy note 😛

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Have a lovely day!

Wedding Wednesday – Paper Flower Corsage

Wedding Wednesday – Paper Flower Corsage

Hello again!  It’s Wedding Wednesday here at Paper Melody’s, the place where brides on a budget can find beautiful and affordable handmade wedding stationery.  Today’s is a short post with a new idea.  Take a look:

Paper Flower Corsage


4 handmade paper flowers are elegantly bundled together and wrapped with a satin ribbon to form a very special corsage.  These flowers can be made to match your wedding colors and will never wilt – a keepsake that will last forever!

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Wedding Wednesday!  If you like what you saw, please share this post with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest using the buttons below.  If you have questions, would like more information, or are interested in placing an order, feel free to send me a message through the “Contact Me” tab on this blog.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a lovely day!

Keychains, Bracelets, and Paper Roses

Happy weekend, everybody!  I meant to post this earlier today, but you all see how that went down.  I got caught up in my crafts 🙂

Today I wanted to share with you a few crafts I did with my best friend Sara when I was visiting her last weekend.  We made a couple trips to Michaels and went a little crazy…but we had a great time being crafty together!  Here’s what we made:

Pride and Prejudice Key Chains

We’re big fans of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice; the book, the movies, the characters… So, like the dorks we are, we made Pride and Prejudice key chains! Complete with bird cage and key charms.  I covered them with Glossy Accents to protect them.

key chain 1 key chain 2


We also made bracelets because we found these cool bracelet charms.  I didn’t get a picture of Sara’s before leaving MD (shame on me!), but here’s mine:



Paper Roses

And finally, we made roses out of book pages.  We just sat at the table making things up and ended up with 4 different types of roses.  Here are three of them:

Paper Roses


Sometime I’ll make a tutorial post so you can make these flowers too!

And there you have it, the results of our craftiness! I also made a card and Sara made a covered journal, but again, no pictures. I think my camera batteries had died by that point :/

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!