Happy St. Patrick’s Day for Crafty Secrets and Craft Hoarders Anon

St. Patrick's Day card by Paper Melody's using Crafty Secrets Seasonal Images Booklet

Happy St. Patrick’s Day for Crafty Secrets and Craft Hoarders Anon

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, folks!  Are you wearing green and picking four-leaf clovers?  Well, regardless, I hope you enjoy the card I made to celebrate the day!  I used lots of Crafty Secrets goodies to make a card for the last challenge over at the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge Blog.  Here are the details for the challenge:

Go Green

Use this color board as inspiration for your green challenge. Make a challenge which has green as the predominate color. Use the other colors in this color board as your accent colors. You may make any type or theme of project that you wish. You do NOT have to use all of the colors represented here, but green must be the star of your project! There must be some green in your vast hoard…dig it out!

I’m definitely going to miss the Craft Hoarders challenges, but wish Gloria all the best in her crafty endeavors!

Here’s the card I came up with:

St. Patrick's Day card by Paper Melody's using Crafty Secrets Seasonal Images Booklet

I used the Seasonal Vintage Images Booklet, Seasonal Calendar Creative Scraps, and papers from the Garden collection by Crafty Secrets to put all this together.  What do you think?  The ribbons, doily, and flowers are all from my stash, and the calendar is from my little prized collection of non-digital Crafty Secrets goodies.  The weight of the cardstock is really wonderful to work with.

Here’s the inside:

St. Patrick's Day card by Paper Melody's using Crafty Secrets Seasonal Images Booklet

To make the little clovers, I punched out 4 hearts from green paper, then arranged them in a clover shape.  Easy peasy!

There you have it!  Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day!

A Couple Extra Goodies

Hello all!  Today I thought I’d share with you a couple things I did before we went home for the holidays…my intention was to post them while I was home, but…you all see how that worked out.  Oh well!

Just before the holidays began, my “little” brother (he’s 2 years younger and 6 inches taller than I) graduated from college!  I’m so proud of him and everything he’s accomplished, so I made him a card.

There it is, orange and green.  A bit of an odd combination, but they’re his favorite colors, so I had to do it 🙂  And can you believe that in all my stash of stickers and paper and embellishments I don’t have one graduation cap?  Nope, I’d used them all and forgotten, so I got to make this one myself.  The tiny gold tassel was fun and frustrating to make but the rest of the hat was pretty simple.  The best part of the entire thing was when my brother opened the card, the first thing he did was turn to his friend and say, “Look!  Green and orange!”  Mission accomplished.

OK, this next bit comes with a warning:  DO NOT VIEW if you are on a diet or in withdrawal from the dearth of holiday treats now that the season is over.  That is all.

Joel needed gifts for a few of his colleagues this Christmas, so I offered to bake a bunch of treats and make a small basket for each of them.  After an entire day in our tiny kitchen (I believe I mentioned the drama in an earlier post) I had completed the treats and was ready to package them.  So, I headed to my friendly neighborhood Michael’s store to pick up a few gold chargers ($1 each!), some cellophane bags, and some red cellophane for wrapping!  Here are the treats piled neatly arranged on the charger:

Homemade braided bread, peanut butter pretzel bon bons, white chocolate pumpkin cream cheese truffles, white chocolate-dipped peanut butter ritz crackers, and buried cherry cookies

And here it is all wrapped up!  I’m particularly proud of the bow (side note: thinly wired ribbon makes the best bows. They are easy to manipulate and hold their shape beautifully!)

Festive, right?!  I was so proud of myself for these guys, and they really weren’t that hard to do (other than the entire day in our tiny kitchen).

And there you have it, my last moments of craftiness before the holiday madness kicked in.  Enjoy!

Tasty Tuesday and Moxie Fab World Keen on Neon Challenge

Hey friends!  In my very first post I warned everyone that Paper Melody’s wouldn’t be strictly limited to paper crafts, and today is your first taste of that.  Joel’s been asking when I’m going to make one of his favorite Christmas treats and I finally got around to it today, so I thought I’d share with you!  But first, a paper craft 🙂

I created this project in response to the Keen on Neon Challenge in the Moxie Fab World (it doesn’t end until December 17th, so feel free to enter something yourself!).  Basically, the challenge was to make a holiday paper craft project using neon in an innovative way.  Now, I’m not usually a big fan of neon, but I immediately remembered a pad of paper I’ve had forever that is composed of mostly neon card stock, and inspiration struck!  Here’s what I came up with:

Gift Card Holder

It’s a gift card box! A perfect way to give a gift card in a unique package. Here’s the inside:

And a couple more pictures, just for the fun of it:

Let me know what you think, and be sure to enter your own creation before December 17th!

And now, the tasty part 🙂 This treat is super tasty and super easy.  All you need is:

  • A sleeve of Ritz crackers
  • peanut butter
  • white bark coating (I used 5 blocks and had a little left over)

First, make peanut butter Ritz sandwiches.  Each sleeve of crackers should make about 17 sandwiches.

Then, melt the bark coating.

Finally, dip the sandwiches in the bark and set them on wax paper to dry!  Easy as that, and here are your results:

To make them even more delectable, try using Nutella instead of peanut butter.  You could also dress them up by drizzling chocolate over top, dipping half in chocolate, or adding sprinkles. Go crazy! And enjoy 🙂

Mojo Monday Contest– Season’s Greetings

I hope your Monday has started the week off right!  Mine certainly has; with a new yoga mat, commitment to exercise every day (oh boy…), and a Mojo Monday contest to enter, this week started at full speed.  Whew!

So, every Monday one of my favorite blogs posts a new sketch of a card layout.  It’s a really great way to get my mojo going (get it!?) if I’m feeling stuck and need some inspiration.  Anyway, the first Monday of each month card makers everywhere have a chance to enter their creations (based on that week’s sketch) and win a set of stamps!  Here’s this week’s layout:https://papermelodys.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/mojo270sketch.gif?w=300

Fortunately, you can use different shapes, borders, etc., so it was pretty easy to make this into a Christmas card!

Here’s what I came up with:

The card measures 5″ x 6.5″ and features poinsettias that I made using my various flower punches.  The sentiment and flowers are popped up over cream, red and green paper from a Christmas pad by K&Company, and to finish off the look I used my sewing machine to do some decorative stitching.  Overall, I’m really pleased with the way this card turned out!  Here are a couple more pictures for your enjoyment… 🙂

Here’s the inside. I’ve added a couple small green rhinestones to the center of the flowers since taking this picture 🙂

There are a couple slip-ups in the stitching which drive my perfectionist self nuts, but oh well! Let me know what you think, and keep having a great day 🙂

Holiday Greetings Window Card Tutorial

Happy December, everyone!

For the last couple days I’ve been finishing up a project, tweaking the new blog, creating a new facebook page, and working on this tutorial for you all!  Exciting times over here!  Most of my crafting recently (and for the next few weeks) has been geared towards Christmas.  I like to make as many homemade gifts as I can, as well as cards to go with the gifts, so I keep pretty busy this time of year.  That should be good news for you because it’s my plan to share with you some of what I’m working on!  Unfortunately, a good chunk of what I make this month will have to be kept on the DL until after Christmas since I don’t want to spoil anyone’s Christmas Surprise (heeeey GWETEs 😉 ), but I’ll have a plethora of cards and other goodies to share in the meantime.

And to kick things off, here’s a step-by-step tutorial for creating this awesome window card (the window is perfect for a family photo!):

What you’ll need to make this 4.5×6″ card:

  • A piece of solid card stock sized 9 1/4″ x 6″ for your card base (#1 for ease of reference)
  • A piece of coordinating patterned card stock or paper sized 4 1/4″ x 5 3/4″  (#2)
  • Another piece of coordinating paper (I used solid red, just for a little pop) sized 3 3/8″ x 4 1 /8″  (#3)
  • One more piece of paper, coordinating or of the same color as the base, measuring 2 1/4″ x 3″  (#4)
  • Ribbon
  • Stamps, ink, and embossing powder
  • Rhinestone embellishments
  • Exacto knife, straight edge, and a pencil
  • Glue
  • Corner punch

First, score the card base (#1)   4 1/2″ from each short edge and fold to create a 4 1/2 x 6″ card with a 1/4″ “binding”

Next, using pencil draw a 2 1/4″ x 3″ rectangle in the middle of the front of the card (you can make the rectangle whatever size you want, but I found this size to fit well).  The rectangle should be 1 1/8″ from the top and bottom of the card and 1 1/2″ from the sides.  Measure in 1/4″ from each edge of the rectangle and draw another smaller rectangle–should measure 1 3/4″ x 2 1/2″.  Now connect opposite corners with diagonal lines.  Your card should look like this:

Score the edges of both rectangles and use your exacto and straight edge to cut along the diagonal lines.

Make valley folds along the small rectangle score marks and mountain folds along the large rectangle score marks.  You should now have a recessed window (I almost typed “winder,” which I thought was funny, so I shared) that looks like this:

Glue paper #4 into the window.  Use your corner punch to crop the corners of your card base and set the base aside.  The next 2 steps will be way easier if you have a die cut machine and nestable dies, but since I don’t (it’s on my wish list) I’ll do it the old fashioned way.

On the wrong side of paper #2 draw a centered 2 5/8″ x 3 3/8″ rectangle.  There should be 13/16″ clearance on top and bottom and 1 3/16″ clearance on either side.  Cut out your rectangle; keep the frame and set aside the little rectangle for later use.  Adhere your ribbon to the left side of the frame.  Crop the corners of the frame.

Do the same kind of thing and cut out a rectangle sized 2 3/8″ x 3 1/8″ from the center of paper #3.  There should be 1/2″ clearance on all sides.  Keep the frame and set aside the rectangle for later use.

Glue paper #3 to the front of the card, centering the frame around the window.  Glue paper #2 to the front of the card, centering the frame around the window.

Stamp your sentiment onto a coordinating scrap of paper, emboss, heat set, and then fussy-cut.  Adhere to the card just below the window.  You could use foam tape or dimensionals to make the sentiment pop up, but since the card is already 1/4″ thick I didn’t want to make it any thicker.

Stamp, emboss, heat set, and fussy-cut any other embellishments (I chose holly leaves) and adhere to the upper right corner of the window.  Apply other embellishments such as rhinestones or buttons as desired.  The front of your card is now complete, unless of course you want to put a family photo or other embellishments in the window!

On the inside, use the rectangles you set aside after making your frames to cover the back of the window.  Make sure if you want to decorate your rectangles that you do it before gluing it to the card!  Cut a strip of paper #2, adhere ribbon, and glue the strip to the bottom of the inside of the card.  Add your rhinestones et voila!  You’ve completed a gorgeous holiday greeting card!

I hope you enjoy making this card! If you like it but don’t want to make it yourself, follow the link on the side of the screen and check it out in my Etsy shop.

Have a lovely weekend!