Wedding Wednesday – Save the Date in Style

Hello again!  It’s Wedding Wednesday here at Paper Melody’s, the place where brides on a budget can find beautiful and affordable handmade wedding stationary!  Thanks for stopping in; today’s design is another Save the Date with a print-it-yourself option.  Check it out:

Banner Save the Date


This design is probably my favorite so far!  It measures 4.25 x 5.5″ and comes printed on 100# smooth white cardstock, or as a digital file for you to print yourself.  Such options!

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Have a lovely day!

Save the Date with Banner

Yarn-Wrapped Letter Wall Art Tutorial

Hey everyone!  I’ve spent the last several days working on orders and decorating our new apartment.  There’s a lot of wall space, and the walls are a lovely painted cinder block…in other words, I need lots of wall hangings.   I’ve got several paintings, a couple photos, some toilet paper roll art, but there was a spot on my wall that was begging for something special.  I decided to make a yarn-wrapped “C” (for our last name, of course!) and make a tutorial about it!  So here you go:

letter tutorial 1

Step One, open Word and type whatever letter you want to make.  Change your font and the size to get it just right, then adjust it so you’ll only print the outline of the letter (save on ink!).  I chose Times New Roman font, size 675.  Print it and cut it out.

Letter Tutorial 2


Tape your letter to a piece of foam board (that’s what I used), heavy cardboard, or chipboard, and trace it.  Then, cut it out!  I found it easiest to use an exacto knife in a sort of sawing motion to cut through the foam board.


Letter Collage

Grab your yarn, glue the end down, then start wrapping!

Letter Collage 2


The end can be a little tricky the way I did it…it would probably be better to cut a few small pieces of yarn and glue them across the ends before you even start wrapping.  I just sort of made all this up as I went along!

And finally, here’s the finished product!

letter - finished


As you can see, I added some gold twine and a nice flower to go with the surrounding paintings:

letter on the wall


What do you think?  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to (try to) answer them!

Thanks for stopping by!

Another Birthday Card, Custom Background Paper, and DIY Washi Tape

Happy Friday, everybody!  I have another birthday card for you today, but not just any birthday card.  This birthday card is based on this week’s Mojo Monday sketch, has custom-made background paper, and features washi tape that I made myself!  Whew!  That’s a lot for one card to handle 😉

First, the Mojo Monday sketch:

And now, the card:

celebrate washi 1


Cool, right?  I started with the background paper – a sheet of clean cream cardstock, taped around the edges to leave a border.  I used my ink blending tool in a swirling motion to apply first salty ocean and then walnut stain distress ink, then spritzed the paper with water, flicking a few bigger drops for a splatter effect.  When the ink had reacted just enough, I dabbed off the excess water with a paper towel and then used my heat tool to dry the paper completely.  Then, I stamped the patterns with vintage photo distress ink and StazOn Stone Gray, removed the tape, and buffed the edges with more vintage photo.  I layered it onto a piece of grey-brown cardstock and sat back to admire my handiwork…and realized that I didn’t want to cover it up!  I started this process with the Mojo Monday sketch in mind, and now I couldn’t go on because I didn’t want to cover up the special paper.  Eesh.  So, I set it aside for the night, and when I came back to it in the morning I had an idea!  Washi tape and vellum!  They’re just transparent enough not to totally overpower the background while still adding pattern and layers.  Next problem – I don’t own any washi tape 😛  Easy solution – make my own!  Then I get the exact pattern and colors I want.  Perfect.  The rest of the card went smoothly after I found the right button 🙂

Here’s a closer pic of the background paper, to try to capture some of the intricacies:

celebrate washi 3


Sometime soon I’ll make tutorials for you guys on the techniques I used to make the background paper and DIY washi tape.  Then you can have fun with it, too!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!

celebrate washi 2

How to Sharpen Scrapbook Punches

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today I have a tutorial for you, very basic.  It’s something I’ve needed in the past and it was difficult to find, so I figured I’d try to make it easier!  So, with no further ado:

How to sharpen paper punches


what you'll need


what to do


I’ve found that quadrupling the thickness of the aluminum foil and wax paper makes it easier to punch through without getting it stuck in the punch.  Nothing worse than getting stuff stuck in a punch!  Here are a few extra tips:

  1. If the punch gets jammed, put it in the freezer for a little while.  This shrinks the metal just a tad and helps it get loose again
  2. This process takes more punching than you’d think.  Punch several pieces of aluminum foil before punching the wax paper and testing on another piece of paper
  3. If your punch is really dull, you can try some fine sandpaper- don’t overdo it though!
  4. Apply some lubricant if you need to, but be sure to only punch scrap paper until all traces of the lubricant are gone!  You don’t want oily residue on your gorgeous designer paper!

I’ve taken to punching aluminum foil after every couple of uses.  Regular maintenance yields the best results!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

DIY: Reusable Swiffer Dusters

Happy Tuesday, everybody!  Hope it’s treating you well.  Today I’ve got something really useful for you.  Swiffer dusters are on my list of “greatest inventions ever,” but buying the refills is expensive and of course tossing them out isn’t great for the environment…so here’s a tutorial for you on how to make your own!

What you’ll need:

  1. A piece of fleece.  You can make 2 dusters with 1/4 yd fleece; I just used fleece I had left over from a sewing project!
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Ruler

First, use your ruler and scissors to cut out four pieces of fleece measuring 5×6″  Stack the pieces on top of each other, like this:



Next, use your sewing machine to stitch three lengthwise lines; the lines should be 4.5″ long, start at one edge of the stack, and stop 1.5″ from the opposite edge.  The first line should be in the center of the stack (2.5″ from either side), and the other two lines should be 0.75″ on either side of that center line.  The stitched stack should look like this:



This next step isn’t 100% necessary, but it makes it look a little prettier 🙂  Round the upper corners so it looks like this:



Now, starting at the bottom corner, cut from the edge to just before the stitching, all the way around the fleece in about 0.75-1″ strips.



And you’re done!  Just slide it onto the Swiffer handle, shake it a little to loosen up the layers of fleece, and start dusting!



When it gets dirty, throw it in the wash instead of the trash!  I made several so I’ll always have a clean one on hand.

Please let me know if I need to clarify any of the instructions…it’s not exactly my strong suit!  And happy dusting 🙂