Many Many Wedding Programs

Hello again!  I know it’s been weeks, and I apologize.  These past several weeks have been very crazy.  I think I told you in my last post that our move went smoothly; we got settled in and I was working away to fill orders when I got the news that my grandpa had passed away.  I went with my family to his memorial service in Texas, wondering the whole time how I was going to fill the rest of my orders on time.  Several of the orders made the trip to TX with me, and my dear family helped me complete them in the few hours we had in our hotel rooms in the evenings.  Thank God for family!  A week later I was back in SC and still had several items on my to-do list…just this morning, I mailed the last of my time-crunch orders.  Phew!  I’ve been taking the rest of this day to catch up on a few things, get started on a couple new orders, and relax.  “Fun” cards are in my future 🙂

So, with all that said, I hope you all are doing well!  I figured I’d give you another glimpse of a couple things I’ve been working on.

The first is another order of wedding programs, very similar to what I shared before, only with “dusty rose” ribbon and gold initials instead of coral ribbon and a black monogram.  110 of them this time:

110 programs

The colors this bride chose are quite lovely together, I wish I could do them justice in my photos!

And the second is just a sneak peek!  These programs are for the daughter of the woman who baked my wedding cake.  Truly wonderful people!  I was very excited to create a custom design for them.  I don’t want to spoil anything since the wedding is this weekend, but like I said, here’s a sneak peek!

fan programs 3

And now I must be going!  I have a few things left before my to-do list becomes a to-DONE list, and then I plan to spend a little while crafting for the fun of it 🙂  Hopefully I’ll have cards to share with you soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by. It means the world to me!

110 programs 2

3 thoughts on “Many Many Wedding Programs

  1. kathycnc says:

    Well done, you! I love how elegant those programs are…and the stamping in the “sneak peek” is just wonderful. Hope that you’ll have plenty of time to play…we’ve missed your beautiful work!

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