How to Sharpen Scrapbook Punches

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today I have a tutorial for you, very basic.  It’s something I’ve needed in the past and it was difficult to find, so I figured I’d try to make it easier!  So, with no further ado:

How to sharpen paper punches


what you'll need


what to do


I’ve found that quadrupling the thickness of the aluminum foil and wax paper makes it easier to punch through without getting it stuck in the punch.  Nothing worse than getting stuff stuck in a punch!  Here are a few extra tips:

  1. If the punch gets jammed, put it in the freezer for a little while.  This shrinks the metal just a tad and helps it get loose again
  2. This process takes more punching than you’d think.  Punch several pieces of aluminum foil before punching the wax paper and testing on another piece of paper
  3. If your punch is really dull, you can try some fine sandpaper- don’t overdo it though!
  4. Apply some lubricant if you need to, but be sure to only punch scrap paper until all traces of the lubricant are gone!  You don’t want oily residue on your gorgeous designer paper!

I’ve taken to punching aluminum foil after every couple of uses.  Regular maintenance yields the best results!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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