Happy Friday! Another Flowery Card

Happy Friday, my friends!  I have another card for you that makes me suuuuuper excited and suuuuper happy 🙂  It was another one that I just wanted to hold onto and stare at for hours on end.  But, like my other favorite card, I sent this one to its intended recipient.  Check it out:

Beautiful Things 1


Can you see why I’m crazy about it?  First of all, I love the color scheme.  I’m a big fan of blues and teals.  Second of all, how about that gorgeous lacy stamp?  It’s from Tim Holtz’s Floral Tattoo set, and it’s hard for me not to use it on every single card I make these days.  And third of all (teehee), just look at that cluster of goodies!!  Leaves, flowers (2 of them handmade, I might add), butterflies…can it get much better?  I added some messy stitching and vintage photo ink around the edges for some extra special-ness.  As I was searching my stamps and stickers for an appropriate sentiment, I came across a set of stickers that I’ve had for a while and this particular one jumped out at me.  “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” seemed appropriate 🙂 And an extra bonus is that it’s a clear sticker, so it doesn’t obscure any of the lovely background paper.

Thanks for stopping by!  I get so tickled when I read your comments 🙂  Have a great weekend!

Beautiful Things 2

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Another Flowery Card

  1. ncguygirl says:

    This card is gorgeous! I love the colors (always love blues and teals) and that lacy stamp is soooo pretty. Love the flowers and all the embellishments. Just lovely! I’m sure you made the recipient super happy when they opened it.

  2. kathycnc says:

    I love everything about this card…the color palette, the stamping (double love the stamping) the layout..the blue butterfly…the sentiment. I double, triple, quadruple love this card…I think it might be my favorite one you’ve ever made.

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