Mojo Monday 280: You’re Sew Sweet

Happy Monday!  It came too fast for Joel and me; Joel’s been fighting a cold for the last week and we were both hoping the weekend would provide enough down time for him to get better.  Unfortunately, he’s still feeling cruddy, so I get to make more soup!  Fortunately, we both like soup 🙂  Also fortunately, my job search has been unfruitful thus far, so I have plenty of time to play nursemaid.  Poor guy!  I’m hoping he feels better by Valentine’s Day.

Now, on to Mojo Monday! I didn’t quite follow the sketch exactly this time…but it’s close enough 😛  Here’s the sketch:

And here’s my card:

You're sew sweet

First of all, I turned the sketch sideways.  And then…use your imagination 🙂  The spool and dress form stamps are from the Material Girl clear art stamps set by Crafty Secrets, which you can find by clicking this link. You can’t see it very well in this picture (or in any picture I took!), but I used VersaMark to stamp a sewing machine behind the sentiment, then I embossed it with clear embossing powder.  To make it pop a little, I dirtied it up with some brown ink.  Just a touch.  I wrapped some twine around the spool and stitched around the edges of everything to complete the theme.  One of my favorite parts of this card is the measuring tape “ribbon.”  It adds just the right touch, don’t you think?

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Mojo Monday 280: You’re Sew Sweet

  1. kathycnc says:

    Love, love, love! It’s so vintagey and girly and sweet. The stitching and twine add so much wonderful texture. Just a fabulous interpretation of this week’s sketch. Hope Joel feels better soon…and hope you manage to stay well!

  2. Nancy says:

    I know just the “sew sweet” person who would especially appreciate this card, and she lives in Houston, and she helped you sew your very first quilt. Can you guess? *you have to guess. there’s only one minute left in my brain…* Extra points if you get the reference! 😉

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