Everybody Loves Chocolate

HAPPY FRIDAY! Another week is coming to an end, I can hardly believe it.  Time is just racing by!

The card I have for you today is dedicated to three of my dearest friends, whom I have known since high school.  We call our little group the GWETEs, or the Girls Who Eat Their Emotions 🙂  Whenever we get together (far less often now than we would like), food of some kind is up there at the top of our to-do list.  Particularly dessert.  More specifically, chocolate.  So, with no further ado, the chocolate card:


The sentiment and chocolates are from the same “Not Too Serious” paper pack that brought you the mini-notecards a few days ago.  The chocolates are covered in Glossy Accents to make them look even tastier, backed by a piece of vellum, and popped up on foam squares.  I made the chevron background paper in a painstaking process that I wasn’t convinced was worth it until I finished the card (it had been a few months since I’d tried it before, and I imagine it’ll be a few more months before I try it again–there must be an easier way!), then finished off the card with some ribbon.  I left the inside blank with the intention of writing a long note.  Maybe I’ll do that now.

Does anybody else want chocolate?

3 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Chocolate

  1. kathycnc says:

    Loving art breeds it’s own special brand of insanity….like making chevron paper by hand. Very impressive. But crazy, my dear. Just crazy. And that is what I love about your art….the crazy attention to detail you employ always ends in a wonderful “Ta-da” moment. Fabulous card….now I’m off to find some chocolate.

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