Dynamic Duos Challenge- Red and Black

Hi everyone!  Today I decided to try a new challenge, the Dynamic Duos challenge.

Plain and simple, each week you’re given two colors and you have to make a craft using only those two colors.  Neutrals are also allowed because, let’s be honest, using only two colors would be really difficult!  Anyway, this week they threw in an extra little tidbit: make it Valentine themed!  Perfect for my current kick.

Here’s what I came up with:

It was a little more difficult than I expected, and I’m not sold on the black and red combo…feels a little Twilight to me.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just not quite my style.  I do love the corners though.  I used that particular punch on my wedding stationary and I just love it 🙂

And just a side note; it’s really hard to take a good picture of a card with shiny paper!  You have to get the light juuuuust right.  It took me forever!

That’s all for now.  Hope you enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Dynamic Duos Challenge- Red and Black

  1. kathycnc says:

    Nicely done! The dry embossing adds some nice texture and dimension. I bet it’s gorgeous in real life. Shiny stuff is tough to photograph! Beautiful sentiment stamp, too.

  2. Ally says:

    I know what you mean about photographing shiny paper – I really struggle with that! But your card is beautiful. The shiny paper is a lovely touch, especially with the ornate design. Thank you for joining us at Dynamic Duos. 😉

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