Mojo Monday 277: Double Feature

Hey guys GUESS WHAT!  It’s only Tuesday and I’ve already finished my Mojo Monday cards!  And YES you read that correctly, I said cardS with an “s!”  I guess this week’s sketch really inspired me because I started pulling supplies out for one card and immediately had an idea for another card.  I actually have an idea for yet another card using this same layout…I’ll have to keep the sketch handy as one of my go-to-when-I-get-stuck things 🙂

First, the sketch:

And now the TWO (not one, but TWO!!!) cards I came up with!


One’s kinda classy and the other is super adorable, don’t you think?  As you can see, I took a little creative license with the sketch, but that’s really what it’s all about.  I like to use the sketch to get my creative juices flowing and then see where it takes me!  Sometimes my perfectionist self gets caught up in following the sketch precisely, and that’s when I run into problems.  Usually in the form of a wall.  Ok, so it’s a mental wall, but you get the point!  Life can’t always be about perfection.  Very often you’re better off by going with the flow.


One thought on “Mojo Monday 277: Double Feature

  1. kathycnc says:

    Oh my goodness! The baby card is super, super adorable! I love the bright neon colors, and the way you turned the sketch. Very , very clever! And your “classy” version is classy indeed. Nicely done!

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