Thank You Parade

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope your weekend was pleasant and restful.  I was thankful to have Joel around this weekend– he had a really busy week last week and, though he still had work to do over the weekend, I was happy he got to stay in the comfort of our home to do it.

I have had the need recently for many thank you cards, so I went on a thank you card kick the other day.  I must have picked the right day to do it, too, because I churned these guys out one after the other.  A very satisfying, productive day!

You can’t really tell, but the green strip of paper along the side I pleated and stitched down the middle. Love the way it turned out!

I did chuckle at myself a little when I realized a couple of them had really similar color schemes.  What can I say, I like those colors!  And some of the paper I used I’ve had forever, so I’m really happy to finally use it.  I also finally got to use my sparkly letter stickers, which is very exciting.  I find that I rarely use my big box full of stickers, rub-ons, and various other pre-made embellishments.  It’s a real shame, because I have some really great ones.  Maybe I’ll dedicate some craft time specifically to using items from my sticker collection!  Not a bad idea, if I do say so myself 🙂

I hope your Monday continues to be good!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Parade

  1. brosmother says:

    The cards are all great, Mel, but I must admit that what I love best about this post is the title: Thank You Parade! Made me chuckle ’cause it’s both clever and appropriate. ☺

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